June 1, 2016
5 to 8:30 p.m.
Beckman Center
Samueli School of Engineering - Top Projects
Tag Team - (First Place Winner of the Beall Student Design Competition in Engineering)
Tag, is a small BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) device designed to be used in conjunction with a smartphone. It engenders users to secure their belongings as well as send distress signals to their emergency contacts. The form-factor of Tag is such that it can be attached easily to the keychain or stick to any of the numerous personal effects a user carries in their everyday life e.g. briefcases, backpacks, bikes, wallets, laptops and even pets. The BLE device piggybacks on the phone’s GPS system to upload a tagged item’s location to the cloud. This allows users to track their belonging in real-time from any phone/desktop that they have access to, leverage the crowd-GPS network for Tag to find a stolen/lost item and have the peace of mind that their emergency contacts get immediate alerts incase they are in distress.

Students: Ali Shahbaz, Khwaja Hassan Ahmed, Neeraj Kumar

Fuel Cell Data Center
This technology will improve energy efficiency and sustainability, reduce pollutant emissions and eliminate energy grid reliance of data centers by using fuel cells, clean renewable energy and energy storage.

Students: Aaron Cheng, Gabrielle Cobos, Michael Crowley, Robert Miller, Allen Schellerup, John Stansberry
Advisor: Jack Brouwer

HyperXite is rapidly prototyping a floating vehicle that will accelerate from zero to 219 mph in five seconds for the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition.

Students: Juliana Andrews, Gabriel Buenviaje, Anthony Cirillo, Jasmine Cordero, Dean Defuria, Jacob Gantz, Patricio Guerrero Gertz, Margarito Guzman, James Harvey, Austin Johansen, Zepyoor Khechadoorian, Bander Linjawi, Nima Mohseni, Calvin Nguyen, Gabriel Pillitiere, Eric Romano, Madelyn Sando, Vivian Tseng
Advisor: Roger Rangel

iLost - Indoor Navigation System
iLost is an indoor navigation system that guides customers from their current location to their destination. This system can locate people's indoor position using Bluetooth LE data collected by mobile devices. It's based on iBeacon technology and shows people exactly where they are in real time so they never get lost. It is designed for hospitals, universities, museums, airports and so on.

Students: Haoran Ma, Jinliang Liao, Xiao Chen, Alan Zhang
Advisor: Pai Chou

A method to 3-D printing ceramic composite bone screws.

Students: Francis Adams, Adam Wooten, Michael Crowley, Matheus Felix, Stoney Middleton
Advisor: Anthony Ruggiero

Syntr Health Technologies
A CD-based microfluidic device to extract stem cells from fat tissue for diabetic foot ulcer treatment.

Students: Ahmed Zobi, David Duarte, Hugo Salas, Justin Stovner
Advisor: Thomas Wells

Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences - Top Projects
Sonder VR - (First Place Winner of the Butterworth Product Development Competition in ICS)
Sonder VR is a Virtual Reality Therapy Experience for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder so they can learn and practice their social skills.

Students: Joy Chen, Yolanda La, Anuj Shah, Tia Moore, Erick Kusnadi

Astro: Astronics ActivATE Dashboard
Astronics Test Systems creates test systems for a wide variety of electronics equipment, including avionics, microchips, and healthcare equipment, which in turn generate large amounts of data from a myriad of sensors. Astronics therefore required a web-based dashboard that shows only the readings the user is interested in, arranged in a manner of their own choosing, that shows the current readings in real time. Our project, the Astronics ActivATE Dashboard, delivers to users the data they want, how they want it, wherever they are, in real time.

Students: Michelle Kim, Danny Magsalin, Kenny Pham, Glenn Pittman, Sarah Tracy
Advisor: Astronics

Cavern Tavern
A fast-paced, highly challenging time management game about two girls running a medieval tavern together. Can you keep up and make your tavern the best in all the land?

Students: Cecilia Bishton, Chris Fulgencio, Jimmy Lee, Warren Urbina
Advisor: Dan Frost, Richert Wang, Matt Eckstein, Greg Urbina

CHIMERA: Signal Strength
M2Catalyst's Signal Strength application paints a personalized heat map of a user's cellular signal strength as they use their mobile device. The user is able to review prior locations through a map view to check their signal-strength data. Users can also conduct speed tests and view their ping time, upload and download speeds on the network to which they are currently connected.

Students: Nathanial Benjamin, Isley Gao, Brianna Tu, Max Uzoukwu, Jason White
Advisor: M2Catalyst

MoneyMakers: PayStudents
PayStudents utilizes several methods, including IBM Watson's personality insights, to match students and hiring companies based on their profiles. Once matched, students can complete tasks that are posted by local businesses through a mobile app, giving them real- world experience. Moreover, this builds a relationship between them, allowing companies to evaluate prospective employees, while letting students gain the edge they need to secure a career right out of college.

Students: Alfonso Aranzazu, Ricky Fong, Jasmine Fortich, Jun Kawa
Advisor: Harvey Kaplan

Team OYG- A Dasboard In Paris
Producers of Apples and Oranges Studios want to go beyond current traditional methods to advertise their Broadway Show, An American in Paris. A Dashboard in Paris, is a web application that integrates data from ticket sales, advertisement spending and social media to see how engaged users are; what amount of impressions, clicks and conversions an ad actually yields; and the demographics of their audience. The dashboard allows producers to easily see how effective a marketing campaign is, and to readily react with smart, evidence-based decisions.

Students: Lauren Dimailig, Zach Anderson
Advisor: Apple and Oranges Productions